Continental Breakfast Rs.527


Aalu Paratha set Rs.269


Bread omlet Rs.187


Fruit Platter Rs.345


dns Rs.33



Clear Soup (Veg) Rs.199


Clear Soup (Chicken) Rs.259


Hot & Sour soup (veg) Rs.259


Hot & Sour soup (chicken) Rs.327


Local Chicken Soup Rs.345


Sweet corn soup (Veg) Rs.255


Sweet corn soup (Chicken) Rs.325



Green Salad Rs.259


Nepali Salad Rs.199


Fruit Salad Rs.345


Agtr Special Corn Salad Rs.499



Steam Momo (Veg) Rs.225


Fry Momo (Veg) Rs.239


Kothey Momo (Veg) Rs.253


C Momo (Veg) Rs.259


Crispy Momo (Veg) Rs.285


Steam Momo (Chicken) Rs.253


Fry Momo (Chicken) Rs.269


Kothey Momo (Chicken) Rs.291


C Momo (Chicken) Rs.301


Jhol Momo (Chick) Rs.325


Crispy Momo (Chicken) Rs.369


Pizza & Burger

Pizza (Mix veg) Rs.449


Pizza (Chicken) Rs.549


Burger(Veg) Rs.349


Burger (Chicken) Rs.425


Fried Rice & Noodles

Fry Rice(Mix Veg) Rs.295


Fry Rice (Chicken) Rs.345


Noodles (Mix/Veg) Rs.363


Noodles (Chicken) Rs.363


Thukpa Rs.301


Thukpa (Chicken) Rs.361


Thali Set

Thali Set (Veg) Rs.375


Thali Set (Chicken) Rs.425


Thali Set (Mutton) Rs.615


Thali Set (Fish) Rs.425


Local Chicken Rs.615


Main Course

Curry (Chicken) Rs.419


Curry (Mutton) Rs.569


Curry (Egg) Rs.615


Local Chicken Curry Rs.569


Tharu Style Rs.639


Biryani (Chicken) Rs.569


Biryani (Mutton) Rs.759


Rice (Plain) Rs.205


Rice (Jeera) Rs.215


Daal (Fry) Rs.195


Daal (Tadka) Rs.215


Roti (Tawa) Rs.35


Roti (Missi) Rs.65


Lachcha Paratha Rs.105


Chicken Sizzler Rs.861


Mix Veg Rs.345


Mutter Panner Rs.399


Mushroom Rs.387


Local Chicken Per Kg Rs.1499


Appetizer Veg

Sadheko (Aalo) Rs.177


Sadheko Bhatmas Rs.195


Sadheko Peanut Rs.255


Sadheko Mushroom Rs.299


Sadheko Panner Rs.403


Mix Veg (Boil) Rs.299


Mix Veg (Saute) Rs.325


French Fries Rs.241


Crispy Corn Salt & Pepper Rs.313


Chilly (Mushroom) Rs.363


Chilly (Panner) Rs.499


Crispy Chilli Potato Rs.297


Pakoda (Mix) Rs.259


Pakoda (Panner) Rs.471


Pakoda Mushroom Rs.415


Kaju Fry Rs.439


Jacket Potato Rs.249


Methi Kabab Rs.275


Mushroom In The Box Rs.459


Appetizer Non-veg

Sadheko (Chicken) Rs.353


Sadheko (Mutton) Rs.609


Chilly (Chicken) Rs.369


Chilly (Mutton) Rs.623


Mutton Achari Kebab Rs.645


Taas Chicken Rs.345


Taas Mutton Rs.629


Boil (Chicken) Rs.293


Choila (Chicken) Rs.389


Choila (Mutton) Rs.629


Chicken Lolipop Rs.395


Chicken Crispy Rs.399


Chicken Hot Wings Rs.415


BBQ (Chicken) Rs.569


BBQ (Mutton) Rs.665


Roasted Chicken Chilly With Bone Rs.397


Crispy Wings with Nepali Aachar Rs.379


Fish Finger Rs.415


Fish Fry with Bone Rs.399


Fish & Chips Rs.451


Chef Special Non-veg Platter Rs.999


Baby Special

Honey Noodles Rs.285


Crispy Honey Potato Rs.243


Cheese Ball Rs.451


Fruit Jelly Rs.299


Momo Platter Rs.455



sweet sewai Rs.197


Sweet Kheer Rs.255


Fruit Curd Rs.125


Fruit (Custard) Rs.219


Hot Drink

Black Tea Rs.65